Async Labs: Get a working SaaS web app in a few weeks. Readable, maintainable and extendable codebase.

Building a SaaS web application is still hard. Modern web tooling allows you to build delightful user experiences but you have to stay up to date with ever-growing list of tools (both client-side and server-side). If you appreciate readable, maintainable and extendable code, consider working with us:

  • We maintain two popular repos (combined: close to 6000 stars and 1000 unique visitors per week).
  • We built and maintain the most popular JS/TS SaaS boilerplate.
  • We built over a dozen SaaS web applications in the last 7 years and participated in one of the top three startup accelerators.
  • We built Async and currently run it as a ramen-profitable SaaS business.
  • We sell two web development books with well above ramen profitability and only <3% refund rate.
  • We run this Async Labs service that is well above ramen profitable.

How to work with us

You can hire us for a small project or to build an entire web application from scratch.

Here are a few examples of our actual projects

Example 1:
  • Customize theme and styles for SaaS boilerplate
  • Deploy all third party services
  • Add values for all environmental variables
  • Deploy customized SaaS boilerplate to Heroku

Example 2:
Example 3:
  • Refactor frontend of web application to be React/Next.js
    • Build page and non-page components
    • Implement data stores for reactivity
    • On page methods, store methods, API methods

Example 4:
  • Paid subscriptions with Stripe
  • Billing page
  • Free trial period
  • Per seat plan
  • Update card information
  • Cancel subscription, re-subscribe
  • Webhook for failed payment
  • Fetch paid invoices

Example 5:
  • File upload
  • Select file on click
  • Drag and drop file to upload
  • Check for type, size
  • Resize image
  • Get signed request from AWS S3
  • Upload file directly from browser using signed request
  • Delete file from S3 bucket
  • Move file within S3 bucket

About you

If you are on a journey to financial independence, and you chose the path of a SaaS or related business, we want to hear from you. We prefer to work with clients who have some technical background. You don't have to code every day but understanding project structure and web architecture will go a long way. You can be at any stage of development: no sketches and no codebase, codebase that needs full refactor, you want to extend your codebase with a new feature, etc.

We give preference to codebases with Next.js/React.js on frontend and Express.js/Node.js on backend. We write both frontend and backend with TypeScript. Our choice for data store management is MobX. If you bought our book on SaaS boilerplate, let us know. We will assign a higher preference to your project.

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