Async Labs is a team of two - Kelly and Timur.

We run multiple software businesses from home.

Current projects

Open source repos
  • We maintain two popular repos: saas and builderbook.
  • Each repo has an open source web application and all codebases for our books.
  • Our repos have >1000 unique visitors per week and almost 6000 stars. Over 100 people sign up on our SaaS Boilerplate demo every week.
  • Our SaaS Boilerplate is the most popular open source React/Next.js/Node.js boilerplate. And it's written with productive TypeScript on both front-end and back-end.

Software books
  • We wrote and self-published two books at
  • Over three years, we've sold 1000+ copies with less than 3% refund rate.
  • Most of our book buyers come from our open source repos at GitHub. After GitHub, Google search is the most popular source of buyers for our books. We do not use any paid advertising.

  • Async is a team communication web app that separates urgent vs. non-urgent conversations.
  • Our communication became more efficient and less confusing after we began using Async ourselves.
  • Async is a self-funded business.
  • Async grows slowly, and we run it as a ramen-profitable SaaS business.

Custom development
  • We've built over a dozen SaaS web applications in the last 5 years.
  • We offer fixed pricing for small projects and hourly billing for large projects.
  • If you are an individual or startup in need of a technical team, you will value our expertise.
  • In addition to our technical expertise, we learned a lot of complementary skills from participating in Techstars accelerator in 2016.
  • We interact with customers on a weekly basis (books, Async, custom development). We understand your challenges intimately.

Upcoming projects

  • We are currently working on a consumer-facing web application.
  • This web app will attempt to solve a niche problem in a large industry.
  • Scheduled for launch in early 2022.

This is us

This is us.

This is where we live

We live on 30 acres of forest near Selkirk mountains. Minutes away from reservation of Kalispel Tribe of Indians and only one hour away from Canadian border.
This is us.

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