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Building a SaaS web application is still hard. Modern web tooling lets you build delightful user experiences. The downside is that you have to stay up to date with this ever-growing and ever-changing tooling (frameworks, libraries, concepts, ideas). If you appreciate readable, maintainable and extendable code, consider working with us.

How to work with us

We charge $120/hour for small projects and $100/hour for longer engagements.

Here are a few examples of work we did for our customers

  • Customize theme and styles for SaaS boilerplate
  • Prepare SaaS MVP for production
  • Deploy SaaS MVP to AWS and Heroku

  • Build custom Autocomplete with data fetching
  • Build custom Select with data fetching

  • Refactor frontend of web application to be React/Next.js/TypeScript
  • Build page and non-page components
  • Implement data stores for reactivity
  • On page methods, store methods, API methods

  • Paid subscriptions with Stripe
  • Billing page
  • Free trial period
  • Per seat plan
  • Update card information
  • Cancel subscription, re-subscribe
  • Webhook for failed payment
  • Fetch paid invoices

  • File upload
  • Select file on click
  • Drag and drop file to upload
  • Check for type, size
  • Resize image
  • Get signed request from AWS S3
  • Upload file directly from browser using signed request
  • Delete file from S3 bucket
  • Move file within S3 bucket

  • Internal tool for tracking packaging material in ecommerce company

  • Internal tool for trucking company

About you

If you are on a journey to financial independence, and you chose the path of web-based software (SaaS or related business), we want to hear from you. You can be at any stage of development: no sketches and no codebase, codebase that needs full refactor, you want to extend your codebase with a new feature, etc.

You can be an individual or startup. We prefer to work with clients who have some technical background. You don't have to code every day, but understanding project structure and web architecture will be very helpful.

We give preference to codebases with React.js on frontend and Node.js on backend. We write both frontend and backend with TypeScript. If you bought our SaaS Boilerplate book to build your web application, then we will assign a higher preference to work with you.

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