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Building a web application is still hard. Modern web tooling lets you build delightful user experiences. The downside is that you have to stay up to date with this ever-growing and ever-changing tooling (frameworks, libraries, concepts, ideas). If you appreciate readable, maintainable and extendable code, consider working with us.

With new clients looking for a long-term engagement, we like to start with a trial project (1-3 weeks). If we're both happy, we'll continue the engagement and bill per week based on the number of hours we work that week.

Currently, we are very interested in recruiting and HR tools, LLMs, supply chain, logistics, transportation, inventory management projects. If you are building or planning to build a project in any of these areas, tell us more.

About you

You can be at any stage of development: no sketches and no codebase, codebase that needs a full refactor, codebase that needs a new feature, etc. You can be an individual, startup, or small business.

You can be building a new product or an internal tool to make your existing business more efficient. We prefer to work with clients who have some technical background. You don't have to code every day, but understanding project structure and web architecture will be very helpful.

We give preference to codebases with React.js on frontend and Node.js on backend. We write both frontend and backend with TypeScript. If you bought our SaaS Boilerplate book to build your web application, we will assign a higher preference to work with you.

Some of our projects

We are a small team: Tim (Lead Engineer), Kelly (UX, UI, copywriting, customer), and up three part-time contractors. Our experience includes:

Open source repos
  • We maintain two popular open source repos: saas and builderbook.
  • Our repos have >1000 unique visitors per week. Over 100 people sign up on our SaaS Boilerplate demo every week.
  • Our SaaS Boilerplate is the most popular open source React/Next.js/Node.js boilerplate. And it's written with productive TypeScript on both front-end and back-end.
  • We also open-sourced our internal team communication tool, Async, which separates urgent vs. non-urgent conversations.
Software books
  • We wrote and self-published two books at
  • Over three years, we've sold 1200+ copies with less than 3% refund rate.
  • Most of our book buyers come from our open source repos at GitHub. After GitHub, Google search is the most popular source of buyers for our books. We do not use any paid advertising.
Job board and recruiting tools
  • We built the first job board for biotech startup jobs:
  • We built a browser extension for recruiters to quikcly review hundreds of resumes in minutes: AI-cruiter.
  • We are building internal tools for recruiting and HR industries.

Overview of experience

Here are examples of what we've built for our customers:

  • SaaS web applications
  • inventory management software
  • logistics software
  • Maps and Maps APIs
  • OAuth 2.0
  • ecommerce inventory management web application
  • forecast logic for trucking industry
  • internal reporting tools
  • numerous third-party API integrations
  • any user authentication strategy to serve unique business needs
  • implementing most popular AWS, Google, and other web API services
  • single-page reactivity, cross-page reactivity
  • team management and team communication tools
  • team-based real-time updates
  • team-based, role-based and other permissions
  • multi-tenant (multi-customer) web software
  • paid subscriptions, memberships, trial period and related
  • advanced CRUD operations and user interfaces
  • web scraping software
  • web aggregators
  • custom newsletter software
  • API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Serverless
  • AWS APIs
  • Google APIs
  • Chrome extensions
  • File management web apps
  • Recruiting and HR tools
  • Multiple ATS APIs
  • LLM-related APIs: OpenAI, Amazon Textract, PaLM 2, Azure OpenAI and more
  • Preparing data, training, fine-tuning large language models

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