Meet Tim and Kelly.

Since 2018, we have been managing multiple software businesses from home.

Tim manages Async Labs LLC, a SaaS web app development agency. Tim also builds tools for Kelly's recruiting agency, job board for biotech startups and AI tools for recruiters (Work In Biotech LLC). We both maintain our open source repos on GitHub and our books at

This is us

This is us.

This is where we live

We live on 30 acres of forest near the Selkirk Mountains in WA state. Minutes away from the Kalispel Tribe of Indians and only one hour away from the Canadian border.

This is where we live.

Current projects

Open source repos
  • We maintain two popular repos: saas and builderbook.
  • Our repos have >1000 unique visitors per week. Over 100 people sign up on our SaaS Boilerplate demo every week.
  • Our SaaS Boilerplate is the most popular open source React/Next.js/Node.js boilerplate. And it's written with productive TypeScript on both front-end and back-end.
  • We also open-sourced our internal team communication tool, Async, which separates urgent vs. non-urgent conversations.

Software books
  • We wrote and self-published two books at
  • Over three years, we've sold 1000+ copies with less than 3% refund rate.
  • We make twice-a-year upgrades to our books and public repos.

Work in biotech
  • Work in biotech is a job board and a recruiting agency/consultancy for small- to mid-size biotech startup companies.
  • Regardless of experience, some candidates want more responsibility and impact. Both can be achieved by joining a small biotech startup.
  • Toolkit of tools to automate parts of recruiting process.

Stealth project
  • Check later for project details...

Custom development
  • We've built over a dozen SaaS web applications in the last 10 years for our clients and for ourselves. Each application had multi-server infrastructure supported by lambda functions and numerous third-party APIs.
  • Most of the above SaaS products are built by us from scratch.
  • If you are an individual, startup, or small business in need of a technical team, you will value our expertise.
  • Contact to learn more.


We are proud to support open source software, wildlife conservation, independent journalists and Ukraine. We donate to the following:
  • Material-UI
  • MobX
  • Mongoose.js
  • Nodemon
  • Passport.js
  • Southwest Wildlife Foundation
  • The Sheekey Science Show
  • ProPublica
  • Bellingcat
  • Oleg Zhdanov (Youtube)
  • Other independent journalists
  • Armed Forces of Ukraine: link

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